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Kraft dealing with precancerous condition

The Patriots owner is taking preventive measures against skin cancer.

PHOENIX – When Robert Kraft faced the media Monday at the NFL's Annual Meeting in Phoenix, it was his face that drew the most attention at first.

The Patriots owner was sporting a few noticeably red blotches on his nose and right cheek.

"Some of you might see my face… you should see the other guy," he joked to start things off, before revealing what was truly the problem. According to a dermatologist who reached out to the media after hearing about Kraft's condition, his blemishes are the result of treatments for precancerous lesions known as actinic keratoses – commonly a result of too much sun-exposure.

"I was going to put band-aids on them," he added, "but I thought I'd be very straight and say, 'All of you should get your faces checked for skin stuff.' This is just lotion they made me put on that hopefully makes it go away.

"It was just small spots [at first]. You couldn't see them. The dermatologist gave me this cream. I've been putting it on for two weeks. I have about two or three more weeks [of treatments to go]."

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