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Kurt Warner's son calls Brady the GOAT

Well, this is an awkward family convo.

Photo by Jim Mahoney/AP

When it comes to the "greatest quarterback of all time" debate, people have a right to their own opinions. It's either Tom Brady or you're wrong (just kidding), but most football fans know where they stand.

No matter if you're on Team Tom, Peyton Manning, Joe Montana, Brett Favre, Dan Marino, John Elway or whoever else, there are certain people you can expect in each camp. The quarterbacks' respective fan bases will surely have their backs, and you can always count on family -- right?

Well, maybe not. 

Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner surely thought his own family would defend him as the greatest of all time, and yet on Monday night, he shared a hilarious tweet that proved otherwise. Turns out, Kurt's son was writing a paper about the best QB of all time, and well, let's just say it got awkward.

The tweet read: "Walking in on son doing homework - saw an article on #TomBrady on computer: Me: What you doing a project on Tom Brady? Him: No, writing a paper on "Best QB of All-Time"!!!! #IGetIt #ButShotToTheHeart #InMyOwnHome"

Kurt was a good sport about it, using hilarious hashtags to finish it off. Sorry, Kurt, but your son gets an A+ in our book. 

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