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LB Mike Vrabel Press Conf. Transcript - 12/30/2002

Vrabel: It’s tough to see how things unfolded but I don’t think by any means that we’re disappointed how we finished the season.



Q: Difficult morning?

MV: It's tough to see how things unfolded but I don't think by any means that we're disappointed how we finished the season.

Q: You experienced the highest of highs, and then the lowest of lows.

MV: Well I don't think you can ever anticipate a team losing in this league, especially when they're playing for a chance to win their division. Just looking back on how we did things last year, we came up one game short, by beating the Jets we would have been able to control our own destiny. That wasn't the case, but we won a game that we had to win to give ourselves a chance and it just didn't work out. The important thing is that we didn't end this season on a three game losing streak. We beat the Dolphins, we beat a good team, we hung together. This is going to be the majority of the team we're coming back with next year, so we have to know how to win together.

Q: Is there anything to the fact that you didn't make the playoffs this year, so there's that extra motivation to work extra hard?

MV: I think there's always motivation in this league every year. I think that personnel wise they're trying to replace you and as a player you're trying to keep your job. So really it's important to understand that there's no such thing as 110%, you can only get to 100. And that's all you can do.

Q: (Re: Why they didn't make the playoffs)

MV: Looking back on the season it's kind of tough to digest everything right now. I think giving it some time, get home, just kind of relax, and look back and think about everything that went on. This team is going to stay together and we've learned that, we just have to play hard in this league, and week in and week out there's just some little things that make the difference.

Q: What did the coach have to say at the meeting you just came out of?

MV: It was just some administration stuff, getting some phone numbers from guys. Everything other then that I'll let him go into.

Q: Why do you think that the run defense was not nearly as good this season as last?

MV: You know I'm not even going to sit here and address that right now, I'm just going to sit here and talk about the season as a whole and how things unfolded. You guys seem to have all the answers anyway so I'll let you figure it out.

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