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Life Lessons from new Patriot Chris Long's social media

We can all learn a thing or two from Chris Long's social media.

After eight years with the St. Louis Rams, defensive end Chris Long has joined the Patriots. While fans can look forward to learning about any new player on the field, Chris has made it easy for Patriots Nation to get to know him off the field. 

Chris is a social media king in his own right and is interactive with his fans, answering questions eagerly, like "Clapton or Hendrix?" (Answer: "JIMI JIMI JIMI cmon").

Though Chris is a veteran NFL player, his social media proves that he is just a normal – and exceptionally hilarious – guy. Here are some lessons we learned about perseverance, friendship and miniature art from following Chris.

  1. We all face difficult times. In those moments, we must search from within.

When that doesn't work, ask for support from those around you.

2. Dogs are man's best friend.

Feeding time #marshmallows

A post shared by Chris Long 🆑⚡️ (@laflamablanca95) on

But only until you turn your back.

I leave the room for 5 minutes...

A post shared by Chris Long 🆑⚡️ (@laflamablanca95) on

  1. When 2020 rolls around, he'll be stepping onto another field of competition.

  1. Not even an NFL player can resist buying a Powerball ticket.

And if a local news station catches you in the act, make up a name. Enter Rod Carriker. 

  1. President Lincoln had it harder than we may have realized.

  1. You can rewrite history with miniature art.

Chris may be new in town, but he will certainly give Tom Brady a run for his money on social platforms.

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