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Local assisted living home that hosted a Patriots parade gets 'super' surprise

Pat the Patriot, cheerleaders and a Lombardi trophy made a special visit on Friday morning.

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After the Patriots hoisted their sixth Lombardi trophy in Atlanta, the team kept the party going with a parade in Boston.

Though there were neither duck boats nor confetti, there was another sweet parade at a local assisted living home. The residents at The Arbors in Winthrop wrote cheers, donned their Patriots attire and paraded around the common area to celebrate the Patriots Super Bowl victory, and on Friday morning, the celebration continued with a special surprise.

Pat Patriot, cheerleaders and the sixth Lombardi trophy made their way to The Arbors. The residents again rocked their best Patriots swag to get autographs from their visitors and take pictures with the trophy.

The Arbors Activity Director Heather Madden said the parade began as a way to build off the excitement the residents showed surrounding Super Bowl LIII.

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"It was so fun," she said. "The excitement for them, it is something out of the ordinary. People that don't normally come out to activities had people bring them shirts and participate. They were just very excited."

When the staff found out the Patriots would be making a visit to honor the people who celebrated the team so passionately, Heather said the enthusiasm was unlike anything she's seen.

There was a banner, balloons, homemade photo booth props and more to welcome the Patriots and the Lombardi trophy.

"I've been doing this for 17 years, and I've never had anyone excited about what we do, not to this level," Heather said. "The level of excitement and to actually honor us by having the trophy here is just huge."

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