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Local farm creates 'Thanks, Gronk' corn maze 

"Not all those who wander are lost," but there might be an exception made for those who wonder in a corn maze. This fall, Patriots fans will have a special chance to get lost in an ode to Gronk at a local farm.

Starting Sept. 21, visitors to West End Creamery in Whitinsville, Mass., will be able to say, "Thank you" to Rob Gronkowski in a unique way. Every year, the farm gets creative with their corn maze design, and to celebrate the career and legacy of Gronk, this year it takes his shape.

Yes, the corn maze is of Gronk, ready to spike a ball in classic form, and it's pretty incredible to see. The maze is concise in its message: "Thanks Gronk! Go Pats!" it says.

In an Instagram post shared over the long weekend, you can see an aerial view of the corn maze artwork, "which celebrates the astounding football career of Rob Gronkowski," the caption reads. "What an a-maize-ing person you are on and off the field, Gronk, and it's been so fun to watch you play! Together with Pats fans everywhere, we are sad to see you retire, and wish you all the best!" 

You can check out a photo of the maze below.

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