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Logan Mankins Conference Call Transcript

New England Patriots G Logan Mankins addresses the national media during his conference call on Thursday, January 16, 2014.

Q: Can you talk a little bit about the other four guys on the offensive line with you and individually can you briefly talk about what each of them brings to the table?

LM: Those guys, they've been great for us. Our left tackle Nate [Solder], he's a big guy, a physical guy, a great athlete. He does a great job for us. Our center Ryan [Wendell], he's very smart. He always has us headed in a great direction making all the great calls. Our other guard Dan [Connolly], he's a very good athletic guard also. He is good at pulling and doing all that stuff. Then our right tackle Marcus [Cannon], he's a huge guy. He is playing so physical right now moving guys off the ball. He's doing very well.

Q: It is so important on an offensive line to have continuity and for everyone to be working together. Can you also say a couple words about the coaching staff and maybe your role in making sure everyone is on the same page?

LM: A lot of us, we've been in this system, everyone that is playing right now, at least for years, and in my case and Dan's a lot longer. We've been together a long time. We've been taught the same techniques and the same plays a long time. So we do a good job of seeing things together and we rely on each other to be where the next guy next to you is supposed to be. It is just so important that you trust the guy next to you and we have that. It has been great. Our room is full of a lot of big guys and we pull for each other, we root for each other and we try to do the best job we can for the guys next to us.

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