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Mac Jones gets shoutout during 'Family Guy' episode

It appears a famous family of Patriots fans have fully embraced the quarterback entering his second year.

Mac Jones.pdc

Mac Jones officially has been embraced by one famous family of Patriots fans -- even if it's a fictitious one.

The New England Patriots quarterback was name-dropped on the most recent episode of "Family Guy," ending up on FOX on a Sunday night despite it being the offseason.

The Griffins, a cartoon family central to the popular animated show, live in the made-up town of Quahog, Rhode Island. Since the show's inception at the beginning of 1999, the team and various players have been mentioned or even made cameos. In fact, it could be argued that Peter Griffin is as responsible as anyone for the Patriots' success, with the main character making a deal with God to benefit the team in Season 12.

In a way, the shoutout is a rite of passage for the young quarterback.

Jones' name comes up during a funny scene between Peter and his wife, Lois. While the couple talks with each other during a Patriots game, Lois mistakes her husband's reaction to the game as answers to her questions. Really, Peter is more focused on the fumble Jones recovers and converts into a Patriots touchdown.

Check out a clip of the episode here.

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