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Malcolm Butler beats The Miz in Madden '18

Malcolm Butler takes on WWE star The Miz in UpUpDownDown's All Star Challenge.

Malcolm Butler became a household name after his Super Bowl winning interception in Super Bowl XLIX, and, as it turns out, his Super Bowl heroics aren't done.

At least in Madden '18. 

UpUpDownDown invited Malcolm to take on WWE star The Miz for an All Star Madden Challenge, and Malcolm didn't let Patriots Nation down. In a Super Bowl LI rematch, Malcolm showed how he earned his locker room nickname: Scrap. 

"My teammates call me Scrap because when I first came in, I scrapped on every play ... When I got the opportunity, I played my heart out and I competed. That's where I got the nickname," Malcolm said. 

Though he fell behind by one as the clock wound down, Malcolm didn't give up against the Intercontinental Champion, despite the next-level chirping. 

"I'm not allowing you to have a repeat of last year's Super Bowl. I'm not allowing it," Miz said as he orchestrated a Falcons lead. 

But just like the actual Super Bowl, the Patriots may have been down but they were never out. After an interception, Malcolm brought his team down the field and into field-goal territory with under a minute remaining. With Stephen Gostkowski's steadfast foot, Malcolm kicked the game winning field goal, and obviously, he didn't let The Miz off easy.

"That was a nice choke slam or was that the rock bottom? Or the people's elbow?" Malcolm joked.

"This is what you guys do. You ruin people's lives," The Miz said. "You sit there and you give us confidence. You make us think we're going to win and then you sit there and do something like this again."

Malcolm just laughed. He'll take the win. 

The Miz and Malcolm aren't the only ones who enjoy an old fashioned Madden showdown. EA Sports and the NFL recently announced they will host another Patriots Madden Championship at Gillette Stadium this year.

Those interested in competing can register for the online ladder until Oct. 2. The online tournament will end Oct. 16, and those who advance will compete at Gillette Stadium on Nov. 18. The winner of the Patriots Madden Championship will represent the Patriots in a league-wide competition. 

Watch the whole matchup in the video below.

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