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Malcolm Mitchell gets Super Bowl LI ink

Everyone celebrated the Super Bowl LI win in different ways. Malcolm Mitchell got some fresh ink.

As a Super Bowl champion, you unfortunately cannot take the Lombardi trophy with you everywhere you go, but this week, Malcolm Mitchell found a way to do just that. 

The Patriot got some fresh ink, tattooing a huge Lombardi trophy on his leg to commemorate the historic win. 

Malcolm headed up to New Hampshire on Monday night, where tattoo artist Jesse Rix made sure the wide receiver would never forget how his rookie season ended. The super detailed tattoo even includes the inscription with game's date, location and final score. 

In an Instagram posted on Tuesday, Malcolm flaunted his new tattoo, and Patriots fans promptly went nuts over it. 

Take a look at Malcolm's tattoo in the picture below. 

If you don't know Jesse Rix... YOU SHOULD. 💉and 📸: @jesse_rix

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