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Mallett trade rumors swirling, again

As the draft approaches there is once again talk of a potential Ryan Mallett trade.


Earlier this spring there were reports/rumors that teams had called the Patriots with interest in trading for backup quarterback Ryan Mallett.

Now, in the hours leading up to the 2013 NFL Draft, those rumors are back.

According to the *Boston Globe*, citing three unnamed sources, three teams have contacted the Patriots this week in regards to a Mallett deal. The* Globe* reports that New England would be looking for at least a second-round pick for the passer it selected in the third round of the draft in 2011.

The Globe also seemingly states the obvious, saying "a first in '14 would close the deal."

After the Globe report, other media outlets got into the Mallett mix. CBSSports cited a source from a team that supposedly inquired about Mallett as saying, "He'd be the first overall pick in this draft. He's had two years in the Pats system."

That comment is obviously in regards to the lackluster quarterback talent available in this year's draft. The likes of Geno Smith, Matt Barkley and Ryan Nassib haven't seemed to impress many analysts, with some predicting that no quarterback will be selected in the first round.

One rumor that's been constant surrounding Mallett's name is the supposed interest from the Browns. Newly-hired Cleveland GM and former NFL Network analystMichael Lombardi, who worked under Bill Belichick with the Browns back in the early 1990s, voiced his praise in the past of Patriots backups, including Brian Hoyer. Some think Lombardi, whose son Mick worked in the New England scouting department last season, might go after Mallett.

That's not so, according to the *Cleveland Plain Dealer*. That paper reported via Twitter that the "Browns have no interest in Patriots QB Ryan Mallett." The Plain Dealer reported that Browns "have not and will not call about Mallett."

The Globe, though, reported that all three of its sources said "the odds are slightly stronger that Mallett is dealt than kept by the Patriots."

The Globe also said the Patriots have spent a lot of time scouting quarterbacks for this year's draft and could take one at some point in the next three days of selections.

Is this a typical draft-day rumor or smoke screen? Or is it a credible story as the Patriots potentially attempt to add picks in a year when Belichick has just five selections to work with at this point in the process?

Only time will tell.

Do you think Mallett will be traded? Do you want the Patriots to trade Mallett? Let us know with a comment below!

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