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Mama McCourty's tips for telling her twins apart

In honor of National Lookalike Day, we talked with Mama McCourty for tips and tricks to telling Devin and Jason apart.

Friday is National Look Alike Day, and with two sets of identical twins on the Patriots roster, the team is all kinds of ready for it. 

While it's fun to have twins on the team, it can also create, uh, awkward situations. Is it Devin or Jason McCourty running across the field? Is it Jacob or Cody Hollister making the catch? Aside from the obvious signs (like jersey numbers), it can be a challenge to tell twins apart, so we talked with Phyllis Herrell aka Mama McCourty for tips and tricks to telling her sons apart for Patriots fans. 

Spoiler: it's not easy. 

For a mother, knowing your children is intuitive, and Mama McCourty said that Devin and Jason are far more similar than they are different -- even beyond physical traits. That being said, she did have a few ways for Patriots fans can try to tell who is who. 

The first difference between Jason and Devin, physically speaking, is that J-Mac has a birthmark on the side of his neck. Though Devin doesn't have that, he does have one on his ear. In their younger years, Jason got a cut on his head that was visible with his close-cut hairstyle. "But now that they're both bald, you can't tell," Mama McCourty said. 

She also said that Devin's face is a bit fuller than Jason's and his voice is slightly deeper. 

Though both McCourtys are known for being goofballs and jokesters, Mama McCourty said that wasn't always the case.

"It used to be that Devin was not as much, but he's gotten that way too," she said. "J is the more talkative of the two of them. When I talk to J on the phone, we can be on the phone for an hour or more. He's a talker. Devin is shorter, and J just talks more."

When it comes to food, there are two easy ways to know Devin from Jason. At breakfast, the twin reaching for the bacon is certainly Devin. The one reaching for sausage is confirmed Jason. And if you see one snacking on Chips Ahoy Candy Blast cookies, it's Jason. The guy reaching for Linden's chocolate chip cookies is definitely Devin. 

Alright, so unless you see the McCourty twins at a breakfast buffet, you may still have some trouble telling them apart, but hey, they are identical twins after all.  

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