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Marquise Hill Conf. Call Transcript - 4/24

Rookies need to work on a lot of things, so it will be one of those things where I get there and get with the D-Line coaches, I’ll find out.



Q: Because of Coach Saban's close relationship with Coach Belichick, did you have a strong idea that maybe the Patriots would take you?

MH: Not really, but I'm pretty familiar with their system so it was one of the safer moves they could make. I didn't really think about it. I was just twiddling my thumbs, waiting to get picked.

Q: What do you think is the strongest part of your game and what do you think you need to work on the most?

MH: Rookies need to work on a lot of things, so it will be one of those things where I get there and get with the D-Line coaches, I'll find out.

Q: When you were just sitting there waiting to get picked, did it take a little longer than you thought, or was it what you expected?

MH: I thought I'd be a late first-round, early second-round type of guy. Football is like a second identity for me, so I knew I was just ready to get back to playing football again. The rounds and stuff, that's irrelevant. They won't remember what round you went in when you're out there playing well.

Q: How do you compare yourself to Jarvis Green?

MH: I think we're really similar. We're not really hyped guys, we just go hard into work every day and get to work. We're similar.

Q: Can you comment on your ankle sprain mid-season? Did it kind of hold you back and maybe you could have had a better season?

MH: Not really. Everybody plays with injuries. They come with the territory. I don't really think it held me back because I only missed one game. That's in the past and I'm ready to get forward.

Q: Can you describe yourself and how you play? What do you feel like the Patriots and their fans have gotten?

MH: I think they got a solid football player. I can stay in there on every down. I'm not one of those guys who has to come off the field. I play injured. I'm just going to play and leave it all out there on the field.

Q: Have you ever played on special teams?

MH: Just the normal big-guy stuff, on field goals and things like that.

Q: Did the Patriots have much contact with you prior to the draft?

MH: I just took a visit up there and that was it. I had a really good visit. Other than that, that was the only thing.

Q: When was the visit?

MH: I can't even remember.

Q: A week ago? A month ago?

MH: Probably a month and a half ago.

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