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Martyisms 2.0: Looking back at some of Marty's best quotes

Martellus Bennett is back, and so are his hilarious, colorful quotes.

Photo by Keith Nordstrom
Photo by Keith Nordstrom 

It's official. Martellus Bennett is back in New England.

While Patriots fans are thrilled to have Marty back on the field, they are excited to have the hilarious, free-spirited and quotable Marty back too. Last season, Lifestyle compiled some of his most memorable quotes, Martyisms if you will, and in honor of his return to New England, we give you Martyisms 2.0.

On Lady Gaga before the Super Bowl
"I love that she wore the meat dress that one time. Anybody who has enough courage to go out there in a meat dress is cool with me."

On the Madden Curse

On if the team was ready to "slay" the Falcons before Super Bowl LI
"The falcon's natural prey I believe is the raccoon."

And a Patriot's prey? "Probably the redcoats."

On bacon

On playing without Gronk
"It's like when Batman got his own solo movie and Robin wasn't in it. I always like the movies with Batman and Robin in it."

On ghosts

And finally, on the fans in New England
"A lot of times I go places and the fans don't really care about me, but I feel loved here and I appreciate our fans. It gives me this extra oomph, you know? It's like alright, it's just extra energy. Each step it's like 'Mahty.'"

"They put an H in my name, and I don't have an H in my name. But that was pretty cool. I have never really experienced anything like that at this level, so I feel like the fans appreciate me and I appreciate them. So I love that feeling and I love the fans here." 

Welcome back, Mahty. Welcome back. 

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