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Matt Damon talks Tom Brady on the Rich Eisen Show

Matt Damon stopped by the Rich Eisen Show Tuesday and talked about the Patriots.

Matt Damon wears his Patriots pride on his sleeve, and just a few weeks after his bud Ben Affleck went on an expletive fueled Deflategate rant on Bill Simmons' HBO show "Any Given Wednesday," Matt offered his own insight.

In an appearance on the "Rich Eisen Show" Tuesday, Matt was asked if the ruling and suspension made him angry. Instead, he said that the chip on Tom Brady's shoulder when he returns the fifth week of the season is good news for Patriots fans.

"I actually look at it the other way that Tom's going to be pissed and him pissed is a good thing for the New England Patriots faithful. Like we love seeing him like that because he's as focused a human being as I've met anyway," Matt said.

Matt said the way Tom has carried the sting of being selected 199th overall in the draft throughout his career has helped fuel him, and this will only push him to succeed and dominate.

"Game five, poor Cleveland Browns will be the ones that welcome him back into the National Football League," Rich said.

Despite Tom having to sit out the first four games, Matt said he has faith in the Patriots as a team.

"They're great, and I haven't seen jimmy Garoppolo play that much and so I don't know what he's capable of but you know the teams going to put the work in," he said. "They're going to be ready. We'll see what happens."

While Matt's opinions on the matter were tamer than Ben's, he said both of them feel passionately about it because that's what Boston sports fans do.

"He got a little animated. We were just talking about this we're Boston fans. We're crazy," Matt said. "We take this stuff very seriously."


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