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Matt Patricia Conference Call Transcript - 11/5/2012

Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia addresses the media during his conference call on Monday, November 5, 2012.


Q:What do you see offensively from the Bills? It seems they struggled in the red zone against Houston.

MP:Good question. I think obviously Buffalo is extremely dangerous with their skill positions. You have to start with their running backs in [C.J.] Spiller and [Fred] Jackson, which is something that, I don't want to say is different for us, but obviously those two are playing extremely strong and healthy right now, so that will be an area that we will have to do a great job with. Then, obviously with Stevie Johnson and Donald Jones, who are both excellent. The interesting thing about this team is that their skill guys are very dangerous. You get them out in space and their ability to make people miss tackles and maneuver in space, catch and run with the ball, especially yards after the catch or even in the running game with yards after contact, it's a hard team to have to deal with.

Q:What are some things that you think Aqib Talib might bring to the table? How do you anticipate using him once he is part of this team?

MP:I think we're obviously going to focus on Buffalo and who is on the team right now. He's a good player and when we get a chance to work with him, we will address those issues at the time. Right now, we're just really pushing ahead on Buffalo.

Q:When you experience a certain level of success against a team like you did against Buffalo with the six turnovers, do you plan on using more of what worked or is it about developing new wrinkles to catch them off guard?

MP:I think you definitely have to look at all of it. When we played them the first time around, where we are and where they are, whatever team that is, it's going to change. Teams develop and grow as the season goes. Certainly there will be some things that will be applicable. Anytime you get the ball turned over, obviously that's going to be the number one goal. Those are always positives for us if we can do that, but I think we have to take a look at the team, where it's at right now and like I said, starting with the skill position guys. Those are really going to be the guys who – Fred Jackson and Spiller along with the rest of them – we have to take a look at. The tight ends too; they do a good job of mixing all three tight ends in the game and getting them the ball. The quarterback, [Ryan] Fitzpatrick, does a great job of managing the offense. I think that's something we obviously need to do a good job of handling and make sure we can get that taken care of.

Q:What do you think the best fit for Devin McCourty is going forward?

MP:I think a guy like Devin, similar to players like Rob Ninkovich, and really all of our guys on defense, are multiple role players for us. Whatever the role is that week where they can help us the most, that's what we're going to try to do with that particular player. I don't think we try to say that this is their one thing that he can do. Obviously they are guys who have been good players for us and have been in the system and can handle multiple jobs. We're going to try to keep that a possibility for them at all times.

Q:Is it accurate to say that you have not come to a definitive answer about what Devin's position will be moving forward?

MP:I would say for us, everything is week by week as far as that's concerned and we will try to just approach each week in the best manner that we can for each individual player and then obviously as a scheme and as a defense and as a team in general.

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