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Mayhew on guards


INDIANAPOLIS - Remembering an answer that Bill Belichick offered years ago regarding the lack of interior linemen generally chosen at the top of the draft, it's been sort of strange to see the likes of Jonathan Cooper and Chance Warmack as potential top 10 picks. Both are guards, a position that generally sees few taken in the first round at all let alone at the top of the draft.

Years ago we asked Belichick why that was, and he flatly replied, "because you can always find a guard."

Not sure if Alabama's Warmack or North Carolina's Cooper is going to change that perception, but Detroit GM Martin Mayhew certainly agreed with Belichick's views when asked if a shift was upon us.

"You're always looking at positions that will impact the game and typically guards are not looked at that way," Mayhew said. "But things are changing a bit over the years."

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