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MFA Boston's Twitter beef with Philly museum is epic

The Museum Bowl of 2018 is absolutely hilarious.

When one thinks of a fine arts museum, one thinks of dignified and refined taste -- the epitome of sophistication.

But on Friday afternoon, we learned that the Museum of Fine Arts Boston has mastered the art of throwing shade. 

Museum Bowl 2018 saw MFA Boston and Philadelphia Museum of Art absolutely throw down, using classic pieces of art to defend their respective team's honor. The two museums went back and forth on Twitter, and it was incredible. 

Let's first start with Riley, MFA Boston's dog. They gave him an Eagles stuffed animal, and let him go to town. 

Then there was this founding father and Bill Belichick hybrid.

The MFA used Abraham Patricia on defense.

Danny "Playoff" Amendola even made an appearance.

Tom Brady got the Van Gogh treatment, and even classic works of art can't help making a fashion statement. 

The tweet storm of modified art is nothing short of perfection. You can check out all of it (and Philadelphia's rebuttals) in a Twitter moment here

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