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Miami Dolphins: What they're saying

Miami Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin and several Dolphins players discussed the upcoming game against the Patriots. Here are the highlights of what they had to say.


On the Dolphins record...
"I'd love to tell you we are a great football team, that we are the best in the league in this and the best in the league at that. But I guess I'm a realist. You are what your record says you are. So let's be real. I can't sugarcoat it. Up until now, we've been average. No more. No less. We've been decent here, decent there. But we haven't done anything to stick out, haven't done anything to separate ourselves."
- Cameron Wake, DE


On the loss of Vince Wilfork and Jerod Mayo...*
"Those are quality players. As good as there are in the league at those positions. Every team has to deal with injuries in the National Football League and the guys they have moved in there have done very well."
*- Joe Philbin, Head Coach

On the Patriots red zone defense...
They're a good defense. They have done a good job keeping teams out of the endzone. That's something that jumps out on tape. They may give up a little bit of yards moving down the field, but once they get into the red zone they really do a great job keeping teams out of the endzone. So that's something we'll need to focus on this week is getting the ball in the endzone and not settling for three points."
- Ryan Tannehill, Quarterback

On the team's focus is heading into this week...
"Our focus is on winning the game. Obviously, our backs are up against the wall coming off a three game skid. We're playing a big divisional game on the road. It's a game we really want to win."
- Ryan Tannehill, Quarterback

On playing in Foxborough...
"They have an excellent track record at Gillette Stadium. It's well documented they play very well at home. Their point differential I believe since 2002 is the best in football at their home stadium. We told the team that we're going to have to play our best game up there. We were very up front about it."
- Joe Philbin, Head Coach

On going against Tom Brady...
"You got to be on your P's and Q's. It's always a chess match when you go against Brady."
- Danell Ellerbe, Linebacker


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