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N.H., Atlanta Motor Speedways make epic bet on Super Bowl LI

The New Hampshire Motor Speedway and Atlanta Motor Speedway place a friendly wager on the Super Bowl.

The playoffs are prime time for friendly wagers. Whether it is friends making a small bet on a game or public figures defending their home team, it is about proudly representing your team no matter the cost. It's no surprise that as the days wind down until Super Bowl LI, new bets are beginning to roll in, and leading the way are two motor speedways.

David McGrath, General Manager of the New Hampshire Motor Speedway, and Ed Clark, General Manager of the Atlanta Motor Speedway put out a video earlier this week to declare terms for a Super Bowl sized bet. It started with something simple. The speedway in the losing city must fly the winner's flag the day after the game. 

Easy enough, right?

However the two kept upping the ante. Next up was a food wager -- a case of Georgia peaches or a heap of fresh lobster. The losing GM promised to deliver the designated food to the winning GM, the motor speedway staff and their respective winning drivers during the other's NASCAR week. 

But that wasn't all. The final piece on the table would put either four Patriots fans or four Falcons fans in the best seats at the loser's home track for the big race. So if the Patriots walk away victorious, a set of Patriots fans will get rewarded nicely with awesome seats during Atlanta Motor Speedway's NASCAR race week from Feb. 27 to March 5. If the Falcons win, four Atlanta fans will get seats for at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway's NASCAR week from July 10 to 16.

Well, here's to hoping New England's "Drive for Five" becomes a "race in Atlanta for four."

Check out a video of the bet below.

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