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News Blitz 10/10: Report states Gronk's return not a done deal

The News Blitz gets you up to date with the latest news from local and national media.

Mike Triplett of writes that Tom Brady seems to bring out the best in Saints quarterback Drew Brees.

Brees is a perfect 3-0 in his career against Tom Brady and the Patriots. During their most recent matchup in 2009, Brees had a passer rating of 158.3 after throwing for 371 yards and 5 touchdowns.

"Arguably, the Patriots are the team of the decade. Whatever you want to call it, they've won more games here over the last 10-12 years than any other team and three championships. ... So anytime you can get on the field against a team like that and play the way we did in '09, that's a huge confidence boost," said Brees. "Especially when, hey, we knew we were good, but you needed to kind of have yet another test in order to confirm that."

Erik Frenz of the Boston Globe takes a look at who is to blame for the Patriots passing game woes in Cincinnati.

The final incompletion tally is broken down by Frenz: seven on the receivers, five on Brady, three on the pass protection/pass rush from Cincinnati, two pass break-ups by Cincinnati, one difficult drop, one spike, one bad play call.

"Plenty of blame to go around, it seems, but the final conclusion is that everyone has to step their game up -- Brady with more accurate throws, receivers by hanging onto the ball and running the correct routes, and the offensive line with better blocking up front," he adds.

Karen Guregian of the Boston Herald reports that Rob Gronkowski's Week 6 return is not a done deal, according to a source.

While Pro Football Talk is reporting that Dr. James Andrews is "in charge of the decision-making process" and will be involved in the final say, Guregian's source had a conflicting report.

"A source close to the situation offered a different take, saying that while Andrews might be consulted for an opinion and among those weighing in on the decision, it's doubtful he would be in charge or have the final word," writes Guregian.

She adds that while nothing definitive has been determined in regards to his status against the Saints, Gronkowski appears ready to make his debut. breaks down the Saints' toughest weapons: QB Drew Brees, TE Jimmy Graham and RB Darren Sproles.

The report discusses the threat of the speedy running back:

"Another dimnuntive, but potent threat. A challenge taking handoffs or as a receiver out of the backfield, the ex-Charger is the 'epitome of what a third-down back should be' and a reminder of what the Patriots loss in letting their own little big man, Danny Woodhead, go to San Diego."

Doug Kyed of shares his thoughts on the Patriots leading up to the Saints game.

One question he asks is whether or not Danny Amendola and Julian Edelman are too similar?

"It's possible Amendola didn't make a huge impact because he and Julian Edelman offer a similar look to the offense. They both thrive in the middle of the field. When Amendola was on the field, Aaron Dobson was typically not. Dobson offers a downfield threat not seen in Amendola and Edelman. The Patriots need to figure out how to properly mix their receivers so the middle of the field isn't clogged."

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