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NFL announces minicamp dates

JaMarcus Russell ... Calvin Johnson ...

NEW YORK (May 1, 2007) -- JaMarcus Russell ... Calvin Johnson ... Joe Thomas and all you other NFL rookies -- welcome to the NFL.

Now, show us what you've got!

That will be the order for both rookies -- and veterans -- over the next month as NFL clubs, with the 2007 NFL Draft in the books, open minicamps to get a view of their new talent and renew acquaintances with their veterans.

"It's pretty overwhelming for the rookies," says head coach Tony Dungy of the Super Bowl XLI champion Indianapolis Colts. "I remember coming in the same way when I was a rookie. You want to make a good impression, you want to learn. Things are a lot different than when you were in college. You want to learn as much as you can. That's what we are trying to do with this process -- make it an easy transition for them."

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick will emphasize the importance of that transition. "I think the most important thing is getting players on the right track," says Belichick. "They have to understand that they are now professional football players. There is a big jump between playing football in college and being a professional player, with their livelihood depending on their performance."

Thirty of the NFL's 32 teams conduct minicamps over the next two weekends (Denver and Houston will not).

The NFL minicamp schedule:(All camps include rookies and veterans unless otherwise noted)

Arizona: May 12-14
Atlanta: May 11-13; June 21 (voluntary minicamp)
Baltimore: May 4-5 (rookies); June 5-7
Buffalo: May 12-14 (rookies); June 11-13
Carolina: May 4-6
Chicago: May 4-6 (rookies); May 18-20
Cincinnati: May 4-6 (rookies); June 1-3
Cleveland: May 4-6 (rookies); June 12-14
Dallas: May 12-14
Denver: July 9-11
Detroit: May 4-6 (rookies); May 17-19
Green Bay: May 4-6 (rookies); May 18-20
Houston: June 11-13
Indianapolis: May 4-6 (rookies); May 18-20
Jacksonville: May 12-14
Kansas City: May 12-14 (rookies); June 1-3
Miami: May 4-6; June 8-10 (voluntary minicamp)
Minnesota: May 4-6 (rookies); June 1-3
New England: May 12-14 (rookies); June 5-7
New Orleans: May 12-14 (rookies); June 1-3
New York Giants: May 12-14 (rookies); June 13-15
New York Jets: May 12-14 (rookies); June 14-16
Oakland: May 4-6; June 11-13 (voluntary minicamp)
Philadelphia: May 12-14
Pittsburgh: May 11-13
St. Louis: May 12-14 (rookies); June 12-14
San Diego: May 4-6; June 8-10 (voluntary minicamp)
San Francisco: May 4-6
Seattle: May 4-6
Tampa Bay: May 4-6 (rookies); June 19-21
Tennessee: May 4-5 (rookies)
Washington: May 4-6 (rookies); June 15-17

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