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Nick Folk uses 'Top Gun' to explain bouncing back after missing field goal in Week 4

Maverick, Goose, and Nick Folk? 


Add "You've Lost that Lovin' Feelin'" to the queue. The Patriots special teams unit is again drawing ties between itself and the beloved movie, "Top Gun."

While long snapper Joe Cardona spent the 2019 season on an unofficial campaign to nickname the unit the "danger zone," kicker Nick Folk invoked the classic to explain what it's like to get back to work after a crucial missed kick.

After missing a 56-yard field goal attempt as the clock wound down against the Buccaneers on Oct. 3, Folk bounced back against the Texans. Folk nailed a game-winning 21-yard field goal to give the Patriots a 25-22 lead with seconds left to play.

In his post-game press conference, Folk used "Top Gun" to explain his mentality going into Week 5 after a tough loss.

(Spoilers for "Top Gun" are ahead. Yes, this is a spoiler warning for a film that premiered in 1986 because the internet is a wild place.)

"I guess you could kind of look at it a little bit [like] 'Top Gun' in here. When Maverick loses Goose and they want to get him back in the saddle pretty quick," Folk said. "That's me. I want to get back out there and help the team as best as I can."

It was definitely an interesting comparison, but his point is clear. If you fall down, you have to dust yourself off and stand back up.

While Folk said he loves "Top Gun," he's not confident all of his teammates, with the obvious exception of Cardona, have seen it.

"I have to explain a lot to some of these young kids," the 36-year-old kicker said.

For those of you who had the Tom Cruise classic on your "pop culture references in a Patriots press conference" bingo card, congratulations on a stunning and overwhelming victory.

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