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Notes from 8/21/02 NEPAC Meeting

Location: Fidelity Investments Clubhouse at Gillette StadiumTime: 7:00 A.

Location: Fidelity Investments Clubhouse at Gillette Stadium
Time: 7:00 A.M.

Fred Kirsch
Pete Brock
Jim Bowman
Bob Cappadona
Jim Colclough
Tim Fox
Larry Garron
Charlie Gogolak
Steve Grogan
Ron Hall
Ray Ilg
Eddie Jenkins
Billy Johnson
Steve King
Bill Lenkaitis
Ronnie Lippett
John Smith
Ed Toner
Randy Vataha
Danny Villa
Jim Whalen
Derwin Williams
Jon Williams
Tom Yewcic

The meeting began with food and drink supplied by the capable catering staff of Gillette Stadium.

Upon commencement, NEPAC President Pete Brock outlined the initiatives of NEPAC as set forth on May 16, 2002 by the Executive Committee including:
- increase of dues from $20 to $100 per year
- Speakers' Bureau
- Alumni website
- Alumni Auction site
- Patriots Ambassador Program
- Continuation of game day ticket policy

Questions were then taken from the body at large. Parking for Alumni was raised. It was established that a list will be made for each game with the names of Alumni who need to park. This differs from previous years where a designated Alumni area was available. Due to the newness of the stadium, Alumni will simply be allowed to park at no charge. Fred Kirsch was to look into which parking entrance Alumni are to enter, how to get name on list, etc. It was suggested that all NEPAC members simply get a pass for the season. Kirsch said that had to be approved. Further information on this topic will be relayed to members by Pete Brock and posted on this site.

Kirsch emphasized the need for NEPAC to establish itself as a non-profit entity (501c3) as soon as possible. Revenue generated by NEPAC will not be handled by the Patriots. Halver Hagen (not present) was identified as someone who can help with that effort, but a general call went out to attendees to suggest any other person/firm that could help. Randy Vataha knew of a local firm that might be able to help.

Members will be contacted in the near future concerning the Ambassador Program. A time will be set for participating members to be measured for blazers.

A call for dues was made. Around half the attendees came forward and paid on the spot with most others promising to mail in their dues.

A NEPAC membership brochure was handed out as well as the complete NEPAC By-laws, May 16, 2002 Initiatives and Amendments.

Attendees then continued eating and most importantly, drinking, until all chilled beer was consumed. Bill Lenkaitis struggled with a loose bridge in his mouth. Ed Toner left with two sandwiches in hand.

Note: a black pair of sunglasses was left at the meeting. Contact Fred at if they are yours.

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