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Packers Postgame Quotes

Green Bay Packers players comment on their game against the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium, on Sunday, December 19, 2010.

Mason Crosby, Kicker
(On the on-side kick to start the game)
"I've never done it to open a game. It's something in our arsenal and we are able to do it. I think we just needed to try and steal a possession from them; they are a really hot team, and it worked out there."

(On whether they planned on it)
"We started practicing Wednesday and we decided when we got here we were going to start the game that way."

(On the Connolly return)
"We tried to hit a change-up kick and it took a favorable bounce for them. Usually when a lineman picks up the ball, you get him down in a couple of yards, but he made a great play and he had a little speed down the side. Luckily we kept him out of the end zone, but they scored a couple of plays later and it was a game changer. It's frustrating, but you've got to give him credit."

B.J. Raji, Nose Tackle
(On "moral victory")
"We don't believe in moral victories. I feel we should have won this game. We played better than them but you know, you've got to finish strong when you're playing a team like this."

(On play of defense)
"I think we did a good job. We can always play better, but with the type of offense they have, I thought we came and matched their intensity and even outplayed them at times. We didn't make plays on defense when we needed to, but I think as a whole, we played well enough to win it."

James Jones, Wide Receiver
(On the mood in the locker room)
"It hurts. We came so close. They have a better record, but we feel like we match up real good and I felt like we should have won that game. It hurts, I don't know what to say or how to say it, but it hurts."

(On touchdown catch)
"It was a double move to set them up and Matt threw a perfect ball on the line. The safety took a bad angle on me and I was able to make a play and get by him."

(On Matt Flynn)
"I'm speechless. He came in and took control of this team. He played flawlessly, besides the turnover, which was my fault. He came in and stepped up. He's a great quarterback and he's got a bright future in this game."

John Kuhn, Running Back
(On touchdown)
"They were playing such coverage on our skill guys and they just let me go underneath. Matt did a nice job of reading the coverage and checking down."

(On playoff picture)
"We look at it one week at a time. Next week is the Giants and they're in the playoff hunt with us. We've got to get in there and get a head start on them this week and try and take care of business next week."

(On being stopped on the one-yard line late in the game)
"It hurts. You never like getting stopped on the one-yard line, especially twice. I don't know what happened until we get back and watch the film, but it's tough."

Dimitri Nance, Running Back(On Packers Record)
"The record, you know it is so, so difficult. You know we are still a good team. I think that it shows tonight. They are 11 and two (11 wins and 2 losses) and we fought them all the way to the end tonight, and we just came up short tonight. "

(On Matt Flynn's Play)
"I think, you know, he did a real good job. This is only his second game really playing the whole game, and I think he did really well. We were behind him. Dropping back and everything, we were with him. I think he did a good job. "

(On making the Post season)
"That still remains the goal, getting to the post season. The Giants are next and that is our focus right now."

A.J. Hawk, Linebacker(On the close loss)
"We have to find a way to get it done, and get these close games done. So, it doesn't make the loss feel any better. But, it's good to know we are still alive, and we can kind of control our own deal."

"No, a loss is a loss no matter what, whether you lose by 30 or you lose by three. You just have to figure out a way to win and we haven't done that recently. We have two more weeks to figure it out."

(On Matt Flynn's play)
"Our offense played awesome. I mean we can't ask for anything more than what they did and how they controlled the ball, and how Matt Flynn played. They just did a good job. Obviously, defensively we didn't stop them when we really needed to. I don't know why. I'm sure it was a fun game to watch, but it is tough one to be on the losing side of that's for sure."

Ryan Pickett, Defensive End(On the game)
"We are ready to get this out of our mind, this was tough loss for us. We knew we could come in and beat this team and we thought we matched up well against them. We didn't believe the hype coming in about not having a chance. We just knew we could beat them and we just fell short. It is tough, but we are going to learn from it. We are definitely going to learn from it. We came out today with a lot of heart and the same passion we played with this game, we have to play the rest of the season with and things will fall our way. We just have to play with the same energy and intensity we played with today."

Charlie Peprah, Safety
(On the game)
"I don't think it matters what the outcome is whether it was win or lose or how it affects us, we just came here to win. Even if we were six and eight (6 wins and 8 losses) we would have come out here the same way. Whether we had a shot at the playoffs or not, this one hurts. We expected to win. Outside of this locker room not many people gave us a shot, but we thought we matched up well against them and we really expected to win this game. We had it, but we let it slip away and it hurts."

(On Dan Connolly's kickoff return)
"We tried to do a hook shot kick, but we lost the contain. I tried to go for the ball thinking he was a big man without ball skills. I should have just made the tackle and you just saw a big dude rumbling down the field. That play put them in scoring position right before the half. Anytime you score right behind the half, you have the momentum. Even then we kept playing, we came out at the half drove down the field and got some points. "

Greg Jennings, Wide Receiver(On the outcome of the game)
"We fought, but obviously they got the better end of it. Our guys fought hard, but for 60 minutes you got to be able to come out on top, that's the name of the game is winning. We didn't do that but we've got to buckle down and get these last two."

(On Matt Flynn)
"I was very impressed, we knew what he could do, he's a very poised guy, and he was great in the huddle. He made some great throws and extended some plays and made some plays for this team. He's a smart quarterback; he's a very solid guy. I told him after the game to hold your head up. I would take him any day of the week. He's going to be a great quarterback."

(On the last drive)
"I think we thought on the last play we got a first down, so we thought we would be able to clock it, but when they didn't give us the first down. I think the refs were kind of debating it.
So we just had to take one last shot and hope for the best."

Tramon Williams, Cornerback(On the Patriots offense)
"Belichick did a good job of speeding up the tempo. He got those guys on the field to kind off get us out of our grove. They start moving the ball a little better, so they did a good job of adjusting."

(On handling Deion Branch)
"I pressed a lot, I watched on film those guys get a lot of separation from guys. They are so quick so we couldn't give them that much space. So we pressed them and stayed close to them."

Desmond Bishop, Linebacker
(On holding their own with the Patriots)
"It wasn't one specific key, I think our defense pretty much matched up with them pretty good. We did pretty much what we always do; unfortunately we didn't turn out as the victors. No one is invincible. They're good, probably one of the best, if not the best, but nobody's invincible."

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