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Panthers Postgame Quotes

Carolina Panthers players comment on their 20-10 loss to the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium on Sunday, December 13, 2009.

Damione Lewis, Defensive Tackle

(On the game)

"They had the 'draw one' going pretty good and we finally found the answer for it in the fourth quarter. [The Patriots are] a good ball club out there. I think over all we played very aggressive and very good on defense today. If you give Tom Brady time, he will find a way to get the job done. I think we played well today, just not well enough to win. It is what it is and we didn't score enough and we didn't hold them down enough to win the game. That is what it boils down to."

(On Tom Brady in the second half)

"I think he was looking to get them the ball as soon he could, and get a lot of quick stuff to them. We are rolling our coverage to him and rolling our coverage to pick him up on the roll-out but he was getting out of the backfield and getting them the ball quickly. He found a way to get them the ball quicker than what our coverage was able to adjust [to]."

Brad Hoover, Fullback

(On the game)

"Unfortunately for us we didn't capitalize. Our defense gave us three turnovers. We were able to move the ball but at times it felt lethargic and it is just frustrating. We know we need to get it fixed and we have three games to do it. We have to keep fighting and as frustrating as it can be at times we just have to keep fighting and see what happens. "

Hollis Thomas, Defensive Tackle

(On the 96-yard drive)

We just couldn't make a play. It happens on occasion. They are paid to play and we are paid to play. We played okay but we didn't play well enough to win. They made some adjustments and we couldn't stop them.

(On if he knows what is causing the team's problems this year)

"Nope. I'm just a player. We just go out and play. We lost some close games, sometimes that happens. You can't hang your head about it. You have to go out and keep playing."

Chris Harris, Safety

(On his post-game conversation with Laurence Maroney, who ran across down the field to talk with him prior to Harris entering the locker room)

"He told me that he liked how our defense played. He thought we were fast and flying around. He said despite our record to keep our heads up. He said he respected our defense."

(On Wes Welker)

"If we could take one drive away it would be the 96-yard drive. We take that away we have a chance of winning. They have weapons, you can't keep them contained the whole game. Wes Welker is a very underrated player. He is one of the best, if not the best in the game right now. I thought we did a good job on him in the first half but in the second half he kind of got rolling. He is very crafty. He is a very crafty receiver. It is kind of like back yard football, 'go get open' and he is very good at it."

Mackenzy Bernadeau, Guard

(On coming home)

"It is always exciting coming back home, playing in your home state, but it would be more exciting coming out with a win. I felt excited. I had a lot of family support there, a lot came out to the game. Some close friends came to the game. It is always good, but it is always better when you win. I was able to have dinner with my family, I hadn't seen them in a while, it was good."

(On his life in the last year, from Bentley to the NFL)

"It is crazy. It is exciting but at the same time I do not want to dwell too much on the past. I want to look forward to the future. It is a blessing being able to go from Bentley College to the NFL. I am looking forward to the future, hoping to keep playing and staying around for a while. (Bentley) prepared me well. The coaches prepared me well. They put me in the right spot but I still have a lot to learn."

Julius Peppers, Defensive End

(On the difficulties today and this season)

"We had a couple breakdowns in the run defense. Forget the record at this point. We are just trying to get wins but we are not where we wanted to be. I feel like we are a better football team than our record shows but that doesn't mean anything. [Wes] Welker is a great player, I lost him a couple times in the zone, and Tom Brady is a great quarterback. He is going to find him. I think we were in the game all the way until the end. They made adjustments."

Travelle Wharton, Guard

(On the game)

"It's about us going out there and executing our game plan, offensively and defensively, to the best of our ability. Our defense has been playing well and it's on us to make plays, block and protect. That's what we have to work on and get better."

(On ability to win the game had they scored more)

"It was a good game. I hate to say, "Would of, could of, should of." We didn't capitalize when we had the chance. We just have to get better. We can't go out and perform like we did today and expect to win."

Richard Marshall, Cornerback

(On play of Wes Welker)

"Welker is a good player. He was getting open and they were getting him the ball. We knew he was going to make his catches. He makes plays every week. We just had to make sure we tackled him when he made the catches. We had a good game plan coming in and I think we executed it pretty well. "

(On taking Randy Moss out of the game)

"We felt like we had a great game plan coming in what we were going to do to their receivers. The game plan worked, but like I said, Welker is a playmaker and he made his plays. Moss was running and trying to get open but we had great coverage on him. The little things we added to our game plan helped us out today."

Everette Brown, Defensive end

(On the Patriots second half)

"They went to the running game, and draws getting us up the field. Trying to salvage the running game with the rain, and a lot of misdirection. They were trying to use our quickness against us. "

(On running into the kicker)

"That was obviously a mistake, you know, something you can't do. We did a good job on defense forcing them to punt, and you don't want to give the ball right back to them."

Chris Gamble, Cornerback

(On the game)

"It was really frustrating, I feel like we played a really great first half. They came out the second half, they moved the ball and came away with the win.

(On Wes Welker)

"He is a shifty guy, you got to make sure you stay on him. He is a good player and they feed him the ball a lot over the middle, and that is what he does. He made some big plays today.

(On the interception)

"As soon as he started to release the ball, I just knew he (Randy Moss) was going to run an out so I just broke on it.

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