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Patrick Ramsey Conf Call Transcript

Ramsey: I know we have the character that we always feel like we’re going to be in the football game.



**Q: Let me ask you about last year, when you had three quarterbacks and you were one of them, the maturation process that you had to go through with a team that was in the stages of rebuilding with a new coach. Did that make a big difference to you this year? You started out with two games with 300 yards or more in passing. You are the leading pass yardage guy. Did that all happen because you had a good, solid base last year?

PR:** I think it did, because I was able to go in and experience some success early and then I was able to experience some failures early. I think because of that, when I was pulled and not able to play for three or four, maybe five games, I was able to sit and reflect on what I had done right and what I had done wrong. I tried to learn what Danny [Wuerffel] and Shane [Matthews] were doing right and wrong, when they were in there. I think it was just an important time for me to be able to go in there and experience the speed of the game, experience our offense at that level and at that speed and sit back and try to learn from what I did right and wrong.

**Q: The speed of the game certainly changed when Laveranues Coles and [Chad] Morton and those people all showed up in the offseason. You really have a lot more to work with this year?

PR:** You are certainly right about that. Laveranues, he sped it up himself. He is so fast and he allows you a larger margin of error in order to throw the football, because he can create separation. He can do things with the ball after the catch. He can make a guy look good. He can make those stats that y'all are talking about look a lot better than they really are.

**Q: You've been in close games, the three games you've played, overtime against the Giants, but this seems to be a team reasonably resilient. When you get behind, you can come back.

PR:** I think Coach does a really good job of adjusting. He gets a feel for what the defense is doing and he starts coming with some really good plays and we are able to move the ball well. I certainly don't think this team is ever going to give up. I know we have the character that we always feel like we're going to be in the football game. I think we've shown that in the last couple of weeks.

**Q: Patrick, you are a stranger to me, but from what I've read about you, you have always done great in school. There are some players that are smart in school, but aren't smart on the football field and vice versa. How do you find that intelligence in the classroom can translate to intelligence on the football field?

PR:** I think the primary thing is work ethic and the amount of time you study and the efficiency of your study. One thing I always try to do is I never watch film just to be watching it. I'm observing; I'm always taking notes; I'm always trying to find different things that give me an advantage. I think you look for certain things when you are in school and I think that is the most common thing between the two study habits.

**Q: When you look at the Patriots on film, what jumps out at you? Is it just trying to figure out what defense they are in, or…

PR:** Yeah, they show a lot of different looks. They do a really good job of mixing things up. They bring blitzes and then they'll back off and totally play coverage. Just to be able to react to what they do and get a feel for their game plan coming in. Overall what are they trying to establish and what are they trying to do.

**Q: How would you describe or characterize Steve Spurrier as a coach?

PR:** I think he's a perfectionist. I think he is definitely very detail oriented and he really wants his players to concentrate on fundamentals of the game.

**Q: Have you seen an adjustment by him from last year to this year? Or any change?

PR:** I think we run the ball well. I think he's got a lot of guys on our staff here contributing to what's going on around here. I think he's just more comfortable, as am I. I think a lot of people around here are just getting useful to this league and what it takes to be successful here.

**Q: To follow up on that question about intelligence and the classroom and all…being a quarterback in this league, particularly a young one, you are a marked man every week. Everyone is trying to figure out what you are figuring out. Certainly Brady learned that in his second year and obviously went on to the Super Bowl. Do you try to change, in terms of what you do, don't be predictable when you are playing week after week and playing well?

PR:** Sure. Even this morning, I made notes about things that I feel like, as I watch tape, that I have a tendency of doing. It's something that I'm going to work on and break that tendency this week, so people aren't able to get an edge on me.

**Q: You said that Spurrier was a perfectionist with an emphasis on detail, as any perfectionist would be. Certainly without giving away anything, could you just give us an example that illustrates what a perfectionist he is?

PR:** Even if you throw a touchdown pass, Coach will say, 'Good throw, but a yard outside would have been perfect.' There are so many things where you feel, I guess, that a lot of people would let pass because it is a completion, or maybe a touchdown, but he's striving for perfection regardless. Something he's always told us is that you can strive for perfection, you probably are never going to attain it, but you are just striving to get as close as you can to it. Hopefully it will be good enough to take you where you want to go.

**Q: I know it is still early in the week, but when you look at the Patriots, you must be aware of the injuries that their defense has suffered. Does that change any way you look at them?

PR:** I guess the only way it would change anything is if they change their scheme, and I don't foresee them doing that because it has been so good for them. But I don't think it changes any way we are going to approach it because they have a really good team over there. I think the guys can step in, obviously I know they would love to have their starters, but they've got guys who can step in and play well.

**Q: How's your shoulder?

PR:** My shoulder's fine. There is no problem at all

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