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New England Patriots vs Buffalo Bills
10/3/2004 at Ralph Wilson Stadium
Final Team Statistics

TOTAL FIRST DOWNS2118By Rushing57By Passing139By Penalty32THIRD DOWN EFFICIENCY5-11-45%2-12-17%FOURTH DOWN EFFICIENCY0-0-0%2-4-50%TOTAL NET YARDS397337Total Offensive Plays (inc. times thrown passing)5663Average gain per offensive play7.15.3NET YARDS RUSHING99138Total Rushing Plays2626Average gain per rushing play3.85.3Tackles for a loss-number and yards3-72-2NET YARDS PASSING298199Times thrown - yards lost attempting to pass0-07-48Gross yards passing298247PASS ATTEMPTS-COMPLETIONS-HAD INTERCEPTED30-17-030-18-1Avg gain per pass play (inc.# thrown passing)9.95.4KICKOFFS Number-In End Zone-Touchbacks6-1-04-1-0PUNTS Number and Average4-49.55-51.2Had Blocked00FGs - PATs Had Blocked0-00-0Net Punting Average39.043.2TOTAL RETURN YARDAGE (Not Including Kickoffs)2122No. and Yards Punt Returns1-02-22No. and Yards Kickoff Returns4-965-191No. and Yards Interception Returns1-210-0PENALTIES Number and Yards10-7711-94FUMBLES Number and Lost2-12-1TOUCHDOWNS42Rushing10Passing21Fumbles10Kickoff Returns01EXTRA POINTS Made-Attempts4-42-2Kicking Made-Attempts4-42-2FIELD GOALS Made-Attempts1-11-1RED ZONE EFFICIENCY2-3-67%0-2-0%GOAL TO GO EFFICIENCY1-2-50%0-0-0%SAFETIES00FINAL SCORE3117TIME OF POSSESSION28:4331:17

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