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New England Patriots vs Buffalo Bills
10/3/2004 at Ralph Wilson Stadium
Ball Possession And Drive Chart
New England Patriots

#TimeRecdTimeLostTimePossHow BallObtainedDriveBegan#PlayYdsGainYdsPenNetYds1stDownLastScrmHowGiven Up
115:0010:114:49KickoffNE 23982-5775BUF 15Touchdown
26:191:404:39KickoffNE 20104610563BUF 24Field Goal
31:2614:002:26KickoffNE 37314-590NE 46Punt
48:577:191:38PuntNE 237070NE 9Punt
57:105:371:33InterceptionBUF 493450451BUF 2Fumble
62:431:281:15KickoffNE 396610613BUF 30Touchdown
70:360:000:36PuntNE 111-10-10NE 11End of Half
810:516:414:10PuntNE 3764-6583BUF 39Punt
92:1411:175:57PuntNE 2012764806*BUF 2Touchdown
109:377:571:40PuntNE 2033030NE 23Punt

(226) Average NE 23

Buffalo Bills

#TimeRecdTimeLostTimePossHow BallObtainedDriveBegan#PlayYdsGainYdsPenNetYds1stDownLastScrmHowGiven Up
110:116:193:52KickoffBUF 19771-5662NE 15Field Goal
314:008:575:03PuntBUF 209340343NE 46Punt
47:197:100:09PuntNE 4610000NE 46Interception
55:372:432:54FumbleBUF 46960963NE 41Touchdown
61:280:360:52KickoffBUF 4033-10-70BUF 33Punt
715:0010:514:09KickoffBUF 41524-2041BUF 45Punt
86:412:144:27PuntBUF 28350353BUF 37Punt
911:179:371:40KickoffBUF 4236060BUF 48Punt
107:572:445:13PuntBUF 19113415494NE 17Fumble
112:440:002:44KickoffBUF 3911340342NE 27Downs

(280) Average BUF 28* inside opponent's 20

Time of Possession by Quarter1st2nd3rd4thOTTotal
Visitor New England Patriots10:546:026:245:2328:43
Home Buffalo Bills4:068:588:369:3731:17

Kickoff Drive No. - Start AveragePatriots: 4 - NE 30Bills: 5 - BUF 36

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