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This offseason will have no shortage of information for fans. Here are some of the offerings to keep you in the know and your information stove hot.

  • Positional Snapshots - Each Monday, Wednesday and Thursday throughout January we'll be offering a series of positional breakdowns.
  • Ask PFW - Every Tuesday on, the Patriots Football Weekly crew will answer your questions in their weekly mailbag.
 To ask the writers a question, click here.

* Debate Fridays - Every Friday the writers of PFW will offer a point-counterpoint style debate on a variety of football related topics. * Radio - Every Tuesday and Thursday at noon listen live to's exclusive radio program "PFW in Progress."

 Be sure to send in your questions and comments to

* Roster Report- Every Friday afternoon the we'll break down the latest roster and coaching moves in the Patriots Roster Report podcast. * Patriots Today - Every Wednesday evening, Kristina Akra and Brian Lowe bring you the latest Patriots news in video format. * Podcasts - As always we'll offer podcast editions of Patriots Today, PFW in Progress, and Roster Report following each show.

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