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Michael Felger, Alan Greenberg and Jerome Solomon all report on Larry Izzo's trip to visit troops in the Mid-East.  Mike Reiss of the MetroWest Daily News offers a story on a prospective Patriots draft pick.



]()Jerome Solomon of the Boston Globe reports today about Larry Izzo's visit to troops in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Kuwait.
"Like I told them, they're the true Patriots. I might play for the Patriots, but they're the true Patriots," said Izzo.

Michael Felger of the Boston Herald and Alan Greenberg of the Hartford Courant also report on Larry Izzo's visit to troops in the Mid-East. Felger says that Izzo will be returning to Boston to resume training at Gillette Stadium Friday, and wraps up his story with Patriots notes.

Finally, Mike Reiss of the MetroWest Daily News has a story about Sione Pouha who also visited the team. Poaha is a defensive tackle out of Utah who, according to Reiss, is projected to be a mid-round pick.

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