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In a USA Today article, Jim Corbett of Sports Weekly rates the top NFL cornerbacks and safeties. Each position is sorted into rankings such as elite, A notch below, rock solid, under the radar, on the rise, on the rebound and setting sun. Patriots safety Rodney Harrison received an elite ranking as one of the top NFL safeties.

The Boston Herald's "Inside Track" reports that Patriots fan, Jim Shaw has started a web site, which is raising money from fan donations to purchase a new super bowl ring for Patriots owner Robert Kraft. Kraft recently presented his ring to President Putin of Russia as a gift to the Russian people. Apparently, fans feal Kraft should not be 'blingless. "I thought it might be appropriate if the people of New England wanted to donate a buck or two we'd get him a new one and present it to him from the fans. It would be a way to show the guy that we appreciate what he does," said Shaw. The Patriots are not affiliated or involved with this group.

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