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In today's blitz, learn more about how the rookies are fitting in and the obstacles that they face. Also, read about new rules that the league has in place for '09 and how Gostkowski has settled in early in his career.

The road that an NFL rookie faces is extremely difficult to navigate. WR Terrence Nunnhas dealt with his share of challenges since graduating from Nebraska. The undrafted free agent was out of football for an entire season before getting the call from the Patriots.

He spoke to the media about the battle he has fought in an attempt to make an NFL roster. When asked if he ever thought of quitting, Nunn replied, "A few times, yeah, I thought about it. But my parents always told me that if I worked hard enough at something, in the end I'd probably get it.''

From one rookie to another, the *Providence Journal *caught up with DB Darius Butlerabout his time with the team thus far. Although as a second-rounder expectations for Butler are inevitably higher, he too has to overcome obstacles as a rookie in an NFL training camp.

Butler said, "It is definitely an adjustment coming from college, because in college you might line up against one fast guy one week and then three weeks later you might have another guy that is pretty good, but in the [NFL] everybody that you line up across is good. They can beat you on any play, so you have to be [at your best] on every play."

Despite the fact that each newcomer faces his own challenges or difficulties, there is one that appears universally for everyone that first enters that locker room...the playbook. The *Boston Herald *spoke with a few of the rookies about the massive playbooks that they received in May. "It looked like a phone book with a binder around (it)," said DL Ron Brace.

Also, in today's blitz, read about All-Pro kicker **Stephen Gostkowski **in the Sun Chronicle and how he has taken significant steps toward replacing the void left by the departure of Adam Vinatieri.

And lastly, NFL referees are in town for a couple of days and yesterday they went over a few of the major rule changes with the media. The Globe reports more on the details of some important rule changes.

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