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The latest on the courtships of Scott Pioli and Josh McDaniels, plus an update on Matt Cassel.

The speculation and interviews continue.

There's a report in today's *Boston Globe *that the Denver Broncos are seeking permission to speak with Patriots offensive coordinator **Josh McDaniels **about becoming their new head coach.

The Denver Post, in a story about other Broncos coaching candidates, also mentions McDaniels' name.

Meanwhile, it's looking more and more like Cleveland is very interested in making Pats personnel boss **Scott Pioli **their new GM, according to the Boston Herald.

The *Cleveland Plain Dealer *says the Pioli deal in Cleveland could hinge on a former Patriots assistant who's now out of work.

Back here in Foxborough, meantime, a source has told people around the NFL that New England is likely to apply the franchise tag to QB **Matt Cassel**.

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