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Brady finally opens up about his injury. We have the full story.

In his first media interview since his opening-day knee injury, Pats QB **Tom Brady** said his rehab is "going really well."

As for the many defections of coaches and personnel officials from the Patriots this offseason, Brady told a Toronto radio station that "as long as we have [Patriots owners] Robert and Jonathan Kraft and Coach [Bill Belichick], I always think we're going to be just fine."

Number 12 spent a good 10 minutes talking about the Patriots, his injury and rehab, the upcoming Super Bowl, and the historic inauguration of President Barack Obama.

Meanwhile, on The Bleacher Report, an on-line football news and opinion site, there's a piece comparing the Brady/Matt Cassel situation to that of Joe Montana and Steve Young of the 49ers several years ago.

And a writer from Rhode Island says if Arizona wins the Super Bowl, it would rival the Patriots' upset of the Rams in Super Bowl XXXVI.

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