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Replay: Best of Radio Thu Feb 29 - 02:00 PM | Tue Mar 05 - 11:55 AM News Blitz 10/13/04

In today's Blitz, Ron Borges tells us the Patriots still aren't number one in this town. At least not when the Red Sox are in the playoffs.

**Ron Borges** of The Boston Globe examines the Patriots position as second fiddle in New England, still losing front-page headlines to the Boston Red Sox. "With the Patriots on the greatest run of dominance in the history of the game, whether the National Football League chooses to recognize it or not, it's again the Red Sox who are getting the special sections, the front-page headlines, and, most of the time, the biggest, brightest color pictures in the newspapers and the most air time on radio and TV," writes Borges.

**Michael Felger** of The Boston Herald points out the Patriots have played not quite as perfectly as their record might indicate. "The only thing flawless about the Patriots so far is their record. Fortunately for them, that's also the only thing that matters," writes Felger. "With one-quarter of the NFL season in the books, the Pats' second title defense in three years is off to a rousing start. But one note of caution: The schedule is about to take a decided turn." Felger also reviews the first quarter of the season, identifying surprises and disappointments among the players.

**Michael Parente** of The Woonsocket Call spotlights first-round draft pick Vince Wilfork, who had a very solid game against Miami, recording a sack and five tackles. "Wilforkâ??s progress will be interesting to watch because of his potential. Getting him with the 21st overall pick could wind up being one of the biggest steals of the draft. He was obviously a productive player in college and heâ??s a fast learner, which helps in Belichickâ??s system," writes Parente. "Heâ??s not Hall of Fame material just yet, but heâ??s off to a pretty good start."

The Standard Times runs an AP article by Tim Korte, detailing Seattle's fourth-quarter collapse against St. Louis this past Sunday. The brevity with which the Seahawks surrendered a 17-point lead suggests the possibility they had already begun looking ahead to this weekend's showdown with the Super Bowl Champs.

Jarret Bell of USA Today also looks at the Seahawks misfortunes, but notes they are optimistic heading to Foxboro. "'I'm glad they've won 19 in a row,'" Seahawks receiver Koren Robinson told Bell. 'We can go in there and end that streak. Know what I'm saying? That would be a great way to bounce back, to show what we're made of.'"

The Hartford Courant runs its weekly Tribune Company NFL Rankings, and to no one's surprise, the New England Patriots remain number one. also run their power rankings. Number one? Take a guess.

On, Peter King lauds the Patriots for their winning ways, zooming in particularly on Vice President of Player Personnel Scott Pioli. "He's one of the best scouts in the league, obviously, and just as obvious is how much [Coach Bill] Belichick trusts him," writes King.

King also has a feature on running back **Corey Dillon**, who is currently on pace to break Curtis Martin's franchise record for most rushing yards in a single season. "So far, so good. Belichick told me last week he's been a team guy all the way. 'He's done everything we've asked, and he's fit right in with the team,' he said," writes King.

On, **Pat Kirwan** writes on the increase in defensive pressure plaguing offenses, and cites Pats safety Rodney Harrison as one who brings it to the opposition.

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