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Jackie MacMullen of the Boston Globe is reporting that during an exclusive interview with the Globe, Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi confirmed he will attempt to make a return to football this season, beginning with the team's bye week following tomorrow's game in Denver. "I've quadruple-checked [with the doctors]," Bruschi said. "And the bye week is the perfect time to see where we are." As for reports Patriots owner Robert Kraft would not allow Bruschi to attempt a comeback this season, the linebacker said, "I don't want to speak for Robert Kraft. All I can tell you is he has been 100 percent supportive from Day 1, and that hasn't changed." The Patriots have not officially commented on Bruschi's situation.

Karen Guregian of then *Boston Herald *writes that while linebacker Tedy Bruschi has received encouraging medical reports, including a positive report from a specialist Robert Kraft requested he visit this week, it's not believed he's gotten has final medical clearance. Guregian also writes that there are also other factors that still need to be addressed, namely all of the legal issues with regard to waivers, liability and insurance. That bridge has also not been crossed, as of yet.

Tom Curran of the Providence Journal also reports on Tedy Bruschi's plans to return to football this season.

Jerome Solomon of the Boston Globe reports that Patriots safety Rodney Harrison addressed the media yesterday during a phone conference call and discussed his injury and plans for the future. "All I can say is I'm going to work extremely hard to come back from this," said Harrison, who went down in the Week 3 win at Pittsburgh. ''I have no other intentions but to come back and play next season. As far as a timetable, do I know? No. I have never been injured like this before. I have never had this type of injury, but talking with other people and communicating with other guys that have had this injury around the league, I have a sense that I can come back and I can recover," said Harrison.

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