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In today's News Blitz ... Find out what the network analysts are saying about the Patriots.

The Boston Globe's Mike Reiss reports on evaluations of the Patriots by NBC analysts Jerome Bettis and Ron Jaworski and CBS analyst Phil Simms. "I think they're winning with a lackluster offense right now," said Jaworski.

Boston Herald writer John Tomase poses five big questions facing the Patriots in coming weeks. Among the top five are: Become less one-dimensional on offense and get Chad Jackson involved.

Gayle Fee and Laura Raposa of the *Boston Herald* report that ex-Patriot Brian White is starring in Disney's football flick, "The Game Plan." The movie features The Rock and is currently being shot at Gillette Stadium.

The Hartford Courant's Alan Greenberg reports on the game-changing turnovers created by cornerback Asante Samuel last weekend against the Dolphins. "I started off kind of slow this year," Samuel said. "I wasn't making any plays. To make plays, you've got to believe in what you're seeing."

Chris Kennedy of The Republican reports on the Patriots bye-week standings. After five games, Kennedy believes it's unlikely the Patriots can be knocked out of there spot atop the AFC East. He analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of the team.

Hector Longo of The Eagle-Tribune reports on's own Nicholas Krippendorf. Krippendorf is the Patriots new director of Chinese business development and a heck of a football fan. You may remember him as Northeastern's kicker.

The Patriots faceoff against the Bills next weekend and *Woonsocket Call* writer Michael Parente hasn't forgotton how their last meeting started off. The first play was a strip-sack turned touchdown by Bills linebacker Takeo Spikes. "Tough way to start," Brady said.

The *Woonsocket Call's *Parente also reports on the chemistry in the Pats locker room.

Don't forget to check out USA Today's Inside Slant on the Patriots, updated weekly.

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