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A battle of opposites this Sunday in Miami. Plus, how the Pats snagged Welker away from ...

Next up on New England's traveling road show: the 0-6 Miami Dolphins.

That's right, the only franchise ever to go undefeated in an NFL season is winless so far in 2007. And while many observers are predicting a 16-0 season for the Pats (however prematurely), at least one Florida-based columnist expects just the opposite for the Dolphins. Here's a sample:

What a way to start the season. Seven games. Seven losses. That's right, an 0-7 start for the Miami Dolphins, with the growing threat of going 0-16, making it the reverse of a perfect season for the franchise that owns the only perfect season that exists on the positive side of the ledger.

The Dolphins are 0-6. Not 0-7 ... [but] Sunday the Dolphins play (drum roll, please) the New England Patriots.

*0-7. *

And counting.

Meanwhile, a Providence Journal column today says the Pats are in a league of their own when playing their NFL peers.

As evidence, they cite what Cowboys coach Wade Phillips had to say after Tom Brady threw for a franchise-record-tying five touchdowns this past Sunday.

"We worried about that passing attack," Phillips said after Tom Brady threw for a franchise-record-tying five touchdowns. "We tried about everything we could do — almost every coverage, every blitz. They seem to just have the right answer for everything."

One final note from the Dallas game. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones had a Hollywood starlet in his luxury suite during the Patriots game, but so did Pats owner Robert Kraft. And according to The Dallas Morning News, New England got the better of Dallas in that battle, too.


QB Tom Brady is the lead subject of's Burning Questions segment today.

Power Rankings on have the team in red, white, and blue (and silver) topping thet list.Fans also get a chance to vote on who they think is number-one in the NFL.

An interesting piece in The Boston Globe chronicles how the Patriots had to outduel Minnesota to secure the services of WR Wes Welker this past spring.

The Boston Herald gives readers a wake-up call by listing some of the many tough losses New England has suffered against Miami in the Tom Brady-Bill Belichick era.

The Orlando Sentinel seems to be thinking along the same lines, saying, in effect, that the undefeated '72 Dolphins could help Miami win this Sunday.

At 6-0, is it better to be feared or loathed? Some Patriots fans are asking themselves that question today.

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