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In today's blitz, Ron Borges profiles Steelers coach Bill Cowher, while there is much to suggest this weekend's game will represent the Patriots toughest test to date. Michael Felger provides the inside word around Gillette Stadium, and there are Power Rankings aplenty.

The Patriots prepare for a tough game this weekend, as they travel to Pittsburgh to meet the 5-1 Steelers. Ron Borges of The Boston Globe looks toward the game and features Steelers head coach Bill Cowher, the most tenured coach in the NFL, in his thirteenth season. "He fits," writes Borges. "That, as much as anything, is why Bill Cowher has lasted. He is the right man in the right town, a hard-nosed guy for a hard-nosed place."

In his Patriots Insider for The Boston Herald, Michael Felger notes the overall talent level of teams in the league appears to be lacking thus far. "Just what constitutes heavy metal in today's NFL? The league has always been about parity, but what's happening now is taking that to an extreme. There's plenty of tin, yes. But is there any iron?" Felger muses. "Other than the Pats and Eagles (both 6-0), apparently not." Felger also delves into the genius of Bill Belichick, Tom Brady's ability to handle the pass rush, and the progress of offensive lineman Stephen Neal.

Michael Parente of The Woonsocket Call looks at this weekend's match-up, wondering if this could be the game that ends the magnificent winning streak. "This weekend, the level of difficulty increases another notch," writes Parente. "The Patriots will play at Pittsburgh against a 5-1 Steelers team that has soared under the leadership of rookie quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, along with a younger, faster defense that is ranked among the league leaders in several categories."

Jonathan Comey of The Standard Times takes on the popular debate as to which 6-0 team is better, the Patriots of the AFC, or the NFC's Philadelphia Eagles. Comey breaks down the teams position by position, looking to give one team the overall edge.

The Times also runs an article from The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette by Ed Bouchette, giving us a view of how the other half lives. "Nice roll New England's on, such a good one the Pittsburgh Steelers would like to give the Patriots a 21-gun salute in Heinz Field on Sunday. Isn't that what they perform at military funerals?" writes Bouchette. released its weekly Power Rankings, and open up discussion for the Pats-Eagles debate. They do put the Pats at the top, based on their incumbent status. also has its weekly Power Rankings, and the same two teams sit at the top.

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