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In today's blitz, the Patriots return home after a 35-7 win over the Buccaneers at London’s Wembley Stadium. Read about team unity, Bill Belichick's comments on penalties, the offense coming together, Sam Aiken's role and a veteran comments on the team moving forward.

QB Tom Bradypraised the International Series in his post game comments. It allowed the players to spend additional time together before playing the game on Sunday. "We don’t as football players often get to spend as much time together as we had all day Thursday, all day Friday, all day Saturday, all day Sunday, pretty much all day Monday," he said according to the Boston Globe. "Most of the time, you leave on a Saturday morning, you're together on a Saturday night, you play Sunday, and you're home."

To the chagrin of coach Bill Belichick, the Patriots committed 10 penalties on Sunday. Click here to read Belichick's comments reported in the Boston Globe.

The *Boston Herald *reports the beginning of the season saw a shortage of long-pass plays. In the last two weeks, the offense has found its stride after Belichick stressed its importance. "In the first quarter of the season, we really weren't getting any big plays," receiver Wes Welker said after making 10 catches for 107 yards and a touchdown. “That’s really changing. Coach made a point of it, and the guys answered to it.”

The Enterprise discusses WR Sam Aiken's versatile role on the team.

LB Junior Seau believes the team is improving as the season rolls into the second half, saying, "We're definitely going to get better as we go along." Seau added that having a bye week will provide time to make adjustments according to the Cape Cod Times.

The *Assosiated Press *reports an NFC is on pace to break one of New England's 2007 records. Learn what the record is and the team attempting to accomplish it.

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