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Patriots Unfiltered Thu Jun 04 | 11:55 AM - 02:00 PM News Blitz - 11/26/2008

So, who do you think is the best NFL receiver: Terrell Owensof Dallas or **Randy Moss *of New England?

You can cast your vote in a *Hartford Courant *feature today. FYI ... one of these guys is winning in a landslide.

The Associated Press also has a feature on Moss hitting his stride just in time for the Pittsburgh Steelers to come to town this Sunday.

CBS News, meantime, offers a feature on Matt Casselhitting paydirt ... not on the field, but off it. The piece focuses on Cassel's contract status with New England and his potential payday this off-season.

However, an column indicates that Cassel's best course of action may be to remain a Patriot.

And a *Boston Herald *story says Cassel is turning into another Tom Bradywith the recent 400-yard passing performances he's had.

And since it's Steeler-week here in Foxborough, let's look ahead to the game with Pittsburgh. With the high-scoring Pats offense facing Pittsburgh's stingy defense, it's going to be an unstoppable force-immovable object type of contest when the Steelers roll into town Sunday, according to a story on

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