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In today's News Blitz... The Pats suffered a painful loss to the Colts Sunday night.

The Boston Globe's Mike Reiss explains that the Patriots players had called last night's game against the Colts their most challenging test of the season. It was a test they didn't come close to acing. Quarterback Tom Brady threw four interceptions. Running back Corey Dillon lost a fumble. The team was called for eight penalties, five of which led to first downs, and there were breakdowns on kickoff coverage.

The Boston Herald's John Tomase reports on the Pats loss to the Colts as well, discussing the loss of Rodney Harrison to a right arm injury early in the game.

Bob Ryan of The Boston Globe reports on the performance of Peyton Manning and the Colts offense, wondering if the Colts could be the next 1972 Miami Dolphins. Ryan suggests the Colts have the potential to go 16-0 in the regular season. After last night's victory over the Pats, they're half-way there.

The Boston Globe's Ron Borges explains that the monkey isn't off Peyton Manning's back quite yet, but in the last two seasons, he has been able to reverse his old curse with the Patriots. The Colts now have a two-game lead in the AFC for the home-field advantage in the playoffs.

Amalie Benjamin of The Boston Globe reports on the play of Indy wideout Marvin Harrison. Harrison made an acrobatic catch in the game's final touchdown. Both Harrison and Troy Brown drew taunting penalties in the game, which was unusual for both reserved receivers. They also both broke franchise records last night.

Bob Duffy of The Boston Globe reports that Troy Brown passed Stanley Morgan as the Patriots all-time receptions leader in last night's game. The new record stands at 538.

Christopher Gasper of The Boston Globe reports on the quarterbacking in last night's Colts-Pats matchup. It is thought that Tom Brady harbors future political aspirations and this being the election season it was only fitting that last night he was facing off against his primary opposition for the title of NFL's Best Quarterback. The Brady-Manning debate will rage on, but Manning was a landslide winner at Gillette Stadium on Sunday night.

Tony Masssarotti of the Boston Herald also reports on the showdown between Brady and Manning. Peyton Manning played like Tom Brady usually does in these meetings. And it was Brady who played more like Manning.

Shalise Manza Young of The Providence Journal also reports on the quarterback matchup. A rare off night from Brady opened the door for the Colts, and Manning led them through.

John Tomase of the Boston Herald reports on Rodney Harrison's injury. "When Rodney goes down, it's not just a little nick," said linebacker Tedy Bruschi. "Hopefully he can get his treatment and be out with us as soon as possible." Also included is a story on Brown breaking Morgan's record for most Patriots receptions.

Steve Buckley of the Boston Herald reports on the kickers, former Patriot Adam Vinatieri and rookie Stephen Gostkowski. The two reported had their first introduction before the game, with Vinatieri asking, "Tired of the circus?"

Joe McDonald of The Providence Journal reports that Adam Vinatieri was not disappointed by the boos he got at Gillette Stadium. Prior to the game Vinatieri spoke with his former holder and fellow specialist Josh Miller, as well as Pats CEO and owner Robert Kraft, Bill Belichick and rookie kicker Stephen Gostkowski. The not-so Automatic Adam went 2-for-4 on field goals in the game.

The *Boston Herald* sports staff has a quick one on the problems facing the Patriots in last night's loss.

Michael Felger of the Boston Herald also has a quick-hitting story on the Colts stretch play.

Felger of the Boston Herald also discusses Colts coach Tony Dungy. Did you know that Dungy owns the best career record among NFL coaches (109-58)? Did you know that no coach has won more games over the past seven seasons (80)? Did you know that Dungy is tied with Mike Holmgren for the most consecutive playoff seasons in the NFL (seven)?

Jim Donaldson of The Providence Journal reports that the best team in the AFC played in last night's game. And it wasn't the Patriots.

Alan Greenberg of the Hartford Courant reports that there was a lot of excitement in the game, but the biggest surprise was the Colts defense, which entered the game ranked 32nd in the league at stopping the run. They intercepted four of Brady's passes, the same number of interceptions he'd thrown in the entire season coming into the game.

Paul Jarvey of the Worcester Telegram & Gazette reports that Manning bowled the Pats over with 326 yards of passing offense. Manning credit the offense as a whole, saying, "To beat these guys, especially here, it has to be the team."

Associated Press writer Howard Ulman has a piece in The Republican on the Colts now being the NFL's only unbeaten team. The Bears lost to the Dolphins yesterday, while the Colts moved to 8-0. "Lovie let me down," Indianapolis coach Tony Dungy said. "I was hoping they'd win so they would get all the focus."

Mark Farinella of The Sun Chronicle reports that the Patriots pass defense was porous. The Colts secondary on the other hand, was prosperous, taking advantage of every opportunity thrown their way.

Hector Longo of The Eagle-Tribune reports on the game and the Colts defense. The Colt defenders, ridiculed for their 22 points allowed and 335.4 yards surrendered per game, took it right to the New England Patriots last night.

Don't forget about USA Today's Inside Slant on the Patriots, updated three days ago.

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