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In today's News Blitz... The Law Firm may pass the 1,000-yard bar, Pats tight ends add to triple-threat, Belichick's eyes on the Bills and O-lineman Dan Connolly named AFC Player of the Week.

Patriots running back BenJarvus Green-Ellis may hit the 1,000-yard rushing mark in the regular season, a feat not accomplished since Corey Dillon of the champion 2004 Pats, writes the *Boston Herald*. Read how this backup back evolved into a lead runner, in the Herald.

The *Herald* also recaps what Patriots backs have done since that 2004 season--the last time a running back, Dillon, ran for over 1,000 yards--up to and including The Law Firm's 824-yard mark this season, with two games to go.

In the past six games, all of which the Patriots have won, tight ends Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez have combined for 29 catches for 369 yards, eight touchdowns, writes the *Boston Globe*. They've added a degree of difficulty for opposing teams' defenses, who already have to deal with the Pats' triple-threat of receivers Wes Welker,Deion Branch and Danny Woodhead, writes the Globe. Read how these two rookies are "using their skill set at a maximum."

Patriots coach Bill Belichick will not let holiday distractions divert him and his team from their goal of defeating the Bills on the road, the Sunday after a Saturday Christmas, according to the *Boston Globe*. The story also mentions wide receiver Wes Welker's impressive performance, leading the team with 83 catches for 829 yards this season, despite a knee injury last season.

Read a similar story in the *Boston Herald*.

Read about the defensive dilemma against Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, Pats offensive lineman Dan Connolly, who was named AFC Player of the Week, and New England's streak against Buffalo--they've won the last 14 games against the Bills--on **.

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