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The Boston Globe takes a look into Dan Connoly's move to center. The Boston Herald talks with Albert Haynesworth about the defense. Its all inside today's News Blitz

Michael Whitmer of the Boston Globe gives a long look at Dan Connoly as he prepares for his first career start at center on Sunday. Often looked at as one of the most versatile players on the team, Connoly said, ""That's why I'm here. I showed versatility early on, and I feel like that's why I was kept around, because I can play multiple positions. I prepare myself for any position."

Ian Rapoport of the *Boston Herald *breaks down this week's upcoming quarterback match-up between two of the best in the NFL, Tom Brady and Phillip Rivers. Both signal callers gave wach other praise as did both coaches.

Mike Reiss of looks into the signing of former UCONN offensive lineman Donald Thomas. Thomas was signed on September 14 after the Patriots lost center Dan Koppen for an extended period of time with a broken ankle. The New Haven, Conn. native said, "It's great. I never thought I'd be able to play this close to home, two hours away from where I grew up. My family is really happy that I'm close by. It feels good to get four seasons again."

Kevin McNamara of the Providence Journal looked at Tom Brady's use of his tight ends Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski. Coach Bill Belichick said, "In a lot of cases you set your defensive front based on a tight end's location, you set your secondary rotation based on the tight end's location, so maneuvering those guys around, putting them in different positions, having them do different things, that's what creates problems for the defense." Hernandez and Gronkowski combined for 13 catches for 189 yards and 2 TD on Monday night.

Greg A. Bedard of the Boston Globe wrote about the familiar feel that the Patriots-Chargers match-up has. According to coach Bill Belichick, "It feels like we're back in the division again.'' Since 2001 the teams have met eight times, with the Patriots winning five of those games. Bedard breaks down the game position by position.

Karen Guregian of the Boston Herald spoke with Albert Haynesworth about his thoughts on the defensive performance on Monday. "We just got to play even better as a front, and as a defense. If we want to be that top-ranked defense, we've got to play like it," said Haynesworth. Haynesworth also went into the problems the Patriots defense might face this week agains Phillip Rivers.

Howard Ullman of the Boston Globe touched on Tom Brady's comments on needing a loud crowd for this week's home opener. Brady said, "The crowd, it always helps when they're loud, but we have to give them reasons to be loud. We have to give them reasons to cheer for us."

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