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A good drop for Moss, a chat with Tank Williams, and plenty of opinions on the latest chapter of Spygate top today's News Blitz.

Just like he often is on the football field, Randy Moss is in the clear again.

The woman who filed for a restraining order against the Pats wide receiver in January has dropped her case against him. Florida resident Rachelle Washington, 35, "has decided that such restraining order is unnecessary," her lawyer, Darrell Thompson, said in a statement.

"Because the injuries sustained were not the result of any malicious intent by Mr. Moss, a claim for her damages will be submitted to his insurance company."

"Randy is thrilled that the restraining order has finally been dismissed, and that there has been acknowledgement that these injuries were not intentionally inflicted," his attorney, Richard A. Sharpstein told The Boston Globe.

Meanwhile, we're still in the "getting-to-know" stage with new Patriots safety Clevan "Tank" Williams, signed by the team last week.

In an interesting article in today's Boston Herald, Williams addresses a number of topics, including former teammate Pacman Jones, taking a class in college with Chelsea Clinton, and the origin of his nickname.

"When I was a baby, I used to drink bottle after bottle of milk," said Williams. "So one day, my sister told my mom she should just give me a tank of milk. And that seemed to stick. My teachers called me Tank. My grandma called me Tank. So I go by that more than my given name."

As for the Matt Walsh/Spygate saga and the potential for Congressional hearings on the matter, New England-area columnists are offering their opinions on the latest developments.

Here's a sample from one writer at New Hampshire's Nashua Telegraph:

"All of these NFL personalities who use the word "asterisk" when it involves the Patriots are true hypocrites ... There are more important issues to focus on regarding the Patriots. There are certainly more important things for members of the United States Congress to spend their time on then this."

While a Sun Chronicle scribe has this to offer in his feature today:

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