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The NFL owners meetings take front stage in today's News Blitz... takes a look at the NFL owners meetings agenda. The meetings start today in Orlanda, Fla.

One topic up for discussion at this week's NFL owners meetings is modifying the current overtime rules to guarantee a two-possession overtime unless a touchdown is scored on the first possession. Sports Illustrated writes that any changes to the current OT rules are a longshot.

USA Today notes that as NFL owners meet amid an uncertain labor environment, Patriots owner Robert Kraft said there is no uncertainty about their commitment to each other.

"Probably the most important thing about this league meeting that's different than other years is that we continue to have a very united ownership. This is my 17th season, and I've never seen ownership as united on any issue as we are on this issue. We have a great sport, and we have to be smart enough to allow the league to grow for the players and the fans."

The Boston Globe reports that defensive end Ricky Sapp is one of the dozens of players the Patriots have held/will hold private workouts with. offers a great piece on how Ravens safety Ed Reed has mentored Patriots safety Brandon Meriweather. A friendship that goes back to Meriweather's days at the University of Miami. NESN writes that Reed pushes Meriweather to be better in so many areas, and the Baltimore safety provided Meriweather with a goal this season: lead the AFC in interceptions. reports that Patriots owner Robert Kraft said the team will continue to talk about a contract extension for quarterback Tom Brady, expressing confidence that the sides will strike a long-term agreement.

"Let's put it like this: Tom Brady is going to be part of this franchise. He wants to be, we want him," Kraft told reporters early Monday. "Great things happen in life if you're flexible and not rigid. We have to find a way to satisfy him and the team, and have a team that can win big-time. That's what it's about."

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