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The Pats owner speaks at the NFL's Annual Meeting.

*The Boston Globe *has more details about that "Brady Rule" we first told you about yesterday on the Blitz.

"I think all the quarterbacks in this league are critical to what the game is about," Patriots owner Robert Krafttold reporters at the NFL's Annual Meeting in California.

"It's like if Peyton Manning were gone for a season, I think the whole NFL suffers, the same way the NFL suffered with Tommy out. So whatever we can do to protect quarterbacks and to minimize the opportunity of them being taken out with a year-ending injury I would support.

Kraft also discussed his ownership of the Patriots over the past decade and a half.

"We'd cut players and no one would pick them up," he said in a *Boston Herald *column. "Now we're at a place where people are trying to replicate us. We try and bring along young people so when we have a situation where someone like Scott (Pioli) leaves, who made a lot of contributions to the organization and is kind of hard to replace, we have other people. We didn't replace him with one person but we're confident in the group we have."

And there's news about the compensatory picks the Pats will have in this year's NFL Draft.

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