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Replay: Best of Radio Thu Feb 22 - 02:00 PM | Tue Feb 27 - 11:55 AM News Blitz - 3/28/2007

It's wait-and-see with Troy Brown's knee, and a guessing game with Laurence Maroney's injured shoulder. Plus, more Mock Draft prognostications, ahead in Wednesday's News Blitz.

Well, that might explain it.

While speculation swirls around Troy Brown's football future, the wide receiver continues keeping a low profile. According to published reports in Boston-area newspapers today, Brown hasn't made up his mind yet because he's recovering from knee surgery.

Then there's Laurence Maroney. As the Patriots projected starter at running back rehabs his bad shoulder, is the team eyeing other options at his position? That's the subject of a feature in today's Providence Journal.

As for Adalius Thomas, the crown jewel of New England's offseason treasure has been widely praised for his versatility. Thomas' former coach in Baltimore, Brian Billick, couldn't agree more, as you'll see in today's Boston Herald.

"We throw the word 'unique' around a lot in this league and overuse it like we do a lot of adjectives," Billick says in the article. "But he truly is unique. I don't know if you'll come across another player that can do everything he does as well as he does."

On the other hand, a coach who opposed Thomas in his former division "got excited" when he saw the massive linebacker line up in the defensive secondary against his team. Find out why.

Meanwhile, the Patriots continue scheduling in-person interviews with several Draft-eligible players. Find out who's reportedly coming to Foxboro for a visit with Pats brass.

They might not have won the Super Bowl this past season, but are the New England Patriots still the best organization in the NFL? seems to think so.

And March Madness the form of NFL Mock Drafts. Two new ones are out today. FOX Sports shows the Pats going with defense in Round One, while believes New England will trade one of its first-rounders to get back-to-back picks.

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