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Replay: Best of Radio Thu Apr 18 - 02:00 PM | Tue Apr 23 - 11:55 AM News Blitz - 4/14/2009

More draft talk dominates the Tuesday edition of the Blitz.

This morning's *Boston Globe *features a story about Bill Belichick'scoaching pal, Jimmy Johnson, and how the latter gave and still gives the former advice about the draft.

"He came down, we got on the boat, and he wanted to talk about drafting players and I wanted to talk about fishing," Johnson said, describing how he and Belichick first started their annual fishing trips several years ago.

"One of the questions was about how he had extra picks, and he was concerned," the former Cowboys and Dolphins coach and now TV analyst continued in the Globe story.

"The only thing I said is that picks are like money and you can always put them in the bank and they can draw interest. If nothing else, if you have those extra picks, every single draft there will be teams calling you and saying, 'I'll give you next year's 1 for your 2' or 'I'll give you next year's 2 for your 3.' I told him it's just like money. It's not going to lose its value. I said, 'Don't ever be afraid to have too many picks.' "

The Globe also has news about an enigmatic draft prospect with whom the Patriots are scheduling a pre-draft visit.

Meanwhile, *The Providence Journal *offers its choices for the 10-best draft picks in the Belichick era. Little surprise who's number one on the list.

ESPN takes a more broad approach, focusing one of its columns on how tough the AFC East will be this season.

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